Why does dry skin happen? What Can I do about it?

At some point in your life, you may have experienced a breakout of dry, flaky, or dull-looking skin unexpectedly. A change in the appearance of skin in this nature doesn’t have to mean hitting panic button, as in most cases, it may be a short-lived lifestyle complaint stemming from exposure to prolonged cold weather, a reaction to cosmetic ingredients, or even stress. In this short guide we’ll address the fundamentals of why it happens, what indicators to look for, and how to manage it with skincare solutions so you can focus on living your best life!

What is dry skin?

In medical terms, dry skin occurs when the skin doesn't have the amount of moisture it needs to stay hydrated. You may recognise it when your skin becomes tight even after bathing or taking a dip in the water, starts to itch or if there's redness, flaking and cracks over your body.

Dry skin frequently shows up on the hands, arms, lower legs and feet, and is caused by a range of factors. Among the most common causes of dry skin are:

  • Frequent bathing or washing with hot water
  • Using harsh soaps or detergents when washing
  • Aging
  • Medical conditions (which should be consulted with your doctor)
  • Genetics
  • Weather conditions, mostly fall and winter
  • Heat or places with low humidity, such as rooms with air-conditioning
  • Not getting enough water and hydration
  • Sun exposure and damage
  • Smoking

    Who Is prone to dry skin?

    Anyone at any age can get dry skin, but people in their 40s and babies have higher chances of getting it.

    For older adults, it's because the skin's ability to retain moisture decreases while becoming thinner and losing fat as we age.

    Babies, on the other hand, have vulnerable skin. Their skin can dehydrate if you bathe them too often and use soap that is harsh to their skin, as this is known to strip away their skin's natural oils.

    And according to research, people with black, brown or fair skin have a higher risk of developing very dry skin than people with medium complexions, for example, people with a Mediterranean heritage.

    How can you treat dry skin?

    Skin that flares up as itchy and flaky, and sometimes itchy to touch can be treated or addressed through a sequence of simple lifestyle changes. Harvard Medical School recommends the following:

    • Setting your humidifier to around 60% if you have one
    • Swapping your laundry detergents for fragrance-free ones
    • Not wearing wool and other fabrics that can irritate your skin
    • Choosing soaps that provide moisture to the skin
    • Not scratching your itchy skin as much as possible
    • Not using bath sponges when you have dry skin if you can

    Introducing daily skincare options

    Aside from prevention, other solutions to banish dry skin are taking medications or using moisturisers. Harvard Medical School even said that moisturisers are the "first step" to fight off dry skin. With this, which moisturiser should you pick out of many moisturisers on the market? We know it's a challenge looking for the right product to treat dry skin. That's why we made a list of the best types of moisturisers for dry skin you can try out now.

    1. Hydrating Aqua Cream

    Late nights, daily stress, and pollution can all make skin feel worn out, tired, and dry. Indulge your skin with this Hydrating Quenching Aqua Cream for premium skin hydration every day. Its ingredients include ALA Beetroot Extract, a powerful antioxidant-rich ingredient, as well as Gardenia Extract and River Mint for maximum hydration and long-lasting moisture.

    This cream can be used as part of a daily skincare routine, as it includes Flannel Flower and ACB Yoghurt Dermal Respiratory Factor, which soothes skin.

    2. Minenssey Hydrating Clay Mask

    If you're always on the go, using a face mask on tired, dry skin can assist with rehydration and soothing. Face masks are a popular addition to any skincare routine because it is designed to offer a hydration boost before or after a long, tiring day. And you don't necessarily need to use it every day—we recommend applying it to your facial areas once or twice a week.

    Brighten and moisturise your skin at the same time. Minenssey Hydrating Clay Mask is a premium clay mask with potent native botanicals, such as Flannel flower, from Australia that are known to help nourish and hydrate dry and dull skin while leaving it with a radiant, glowing complexion. You can leave this clay mask on for 20-30 minutes and wash it off with warm water, or leave it overnight for intensive treatment. For a full skincare experience, try the Minenssey Clay Mask Skin Revival Set.

    3. Antioxidant Moisture Mask

    Another face mask to try out is the Savar Gentle Hydrating Antioxidant Moisture Mask, made especially for sensitive skin and dry skin. Manufactured by New Zealand natural skincare brand Savar, this mask was formulated to hydrate, nourish and restore moisture levels owing to its blend of oils, good fatty acids and antioxidants from blackcurrant seed and organic pomegranate.

    For the bets results, leave this natural skincare mask on your face for 20-25 minutes and then use a slightly damp cloth to remove it. You can also leave it overnight for that moisture boost you deserve.

    4. Hyaluronic Complex

    For those experiencing periods of intense dehydration and irritation because of the changing seasons, travel and harsh topicals, there's a solution to seek out: Hyaluronic Acid. Our bodies can produce it to retain water and keep our tissues lubricated. However, as we grow older, we lose hyaluronic acid, resulting in dryer skin.

    Bring in a dose of hyaluronic acid with Vida Glow Hyaluronic Complex Acai Berry Flavour, a specialised hydrating ingestible formula. One of its key ingredients is its Hyaluronic Complex, which contains ingestible hyaluronic acid that keeps skin hydrated, soft and elastic. Aside from this, it also has other ingredients, such as biotin, Vitamin C, Acai extract and more, that can help maintain skin moisture levels, strengthen the skin barrier, promote skin firmness and elasticity and more.

    5. Baby Body Moisturiser

    Because babies' skin is more sensitive and vulnerable to dryness, fragrance-free skincare creams and washes are advisable for managing outbreaks of dry skin. Fragrance-free products for babies can also help to prevent irritation.

    When dryness happens to your baby's skin, Lovekins Baby Body Moisturiser is the moisturiser you can always rely on to calm dry skin. This baby body moisturiser is designed to offer protection for your baby's dry and irritated skin while gently soothing it. All thanks to the moisturising blend of Kakadu Plum, Tasmanian Pepperberry, Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Blue Cypress, it can be used to assist in the appearance of dry skin. Ad added bonus is this product is its free from parabens, synthetic fragrances and artificial colours.

    Prevention is key for healthy, hydrated skin

    Keeping your skin moisturised is an effective way to treat and prevent dry and flaky skin. Of course, it's also best to seek medical advice if symptoms persist because there might be an underlying health condition requiring attention. These health conditions can be thyroid disease, renal disease, malnutrition, diabetes, eczema and psoriasis, or your medication's side effect.

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